Made for chefs

Bon Vivant magazine loves cookware and all things that has to do with food, luckily enough we got an interview with the management of the company Made for chefs. 

What made you create this company?

In a word Evolution. To be more precise its what I call the “Evolution of Flavor.” Having worked as a Chef for several years I learned to adapt to the current system of doing things and its not wrong or right its just the way things are done. But after awhile as your experience grows so does that passion for cooking and the desire to create something that’s uniquely your own. So you start to look beyond the current system, what you find is a world of passionate creative people that are hidden in the shadows of major corporations. I’m not saying that the Corporations are “Evil” because they are not and they also have a purpose in the system its just that you will only find passion in an Individual. For example I have come across people that create and sell spice blends in small mom and pop stores, they are fresh and wonderfully aromatic blends. A similar blend at a store would be loaded with preservatives it might have sat in a warehouse for a couple of months waiting for an order and then sat on a shelf for who knows how long. The problem is finding these passionate people, the Internet is a great tool to even up the field but its a universe unto itself. So how do you find someone when you don’t know that they exist. The simplest comparison of what we are that I can give you is a “farmers market”. When you want fresh produce you don’t go to all the individual farms in the area you go to where they gather. That’s what I want, away to centralize our food network under one roof, to shop, sell, and connect with individuals, a “Centralized Culinary Market Place”. A place to buy products, equipment and services, To bring the “little guy” out from the shadows. We give our vendors their own network, profile and advertisement. We want people to have a choice and gain knowledge of the products and services that are out there from the people who know that product best. 

How long has it been in business ?
The Made For Chefs website has been in development for 2 years and since then we have been looking for potential vendors and chefs to start the foundation of our network, also getting feedback and answering questions to improve the site before launching the first phase by the end of 2015.  

What goals do you have ?
To bring together individuals with passion and drive and give them a voice in a system that often refuses to listen. To make it easy to find something new, something unexpected in a in their own centralized network. 

Whats the most important thing for you guys ?

To keep Evolving, to create something that’s uniquely us for the people by the people.
Thanks to Made for chefs for the interview

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